A misleading and unfair question

It’s not uncommon for someone opposed to our faith to ask: How could you believe in God given some of the things science has proven? It’s a misleading and unfair question for several reasons.  It’s usually directed at someone who is not an astrophysicist or even someone who holds some advanced degree. It’s easy to imply that advanced science has proven there is no God when talking to someone who is not a scientist. It’s an unfair advantage that some exploit. One can claim that science has proven anything when talking to someone without such an education.  But doing so speaks more to the intentions of the one making the claim. Science has not proven there is no God.  It’s either a claim intended to deceive, one made from ignorance, or it’s an expression atheist faith.

It’s important to note that the Bible wasn’t written to teach us about the processes by which God created the universe. Its books were written to explain in words we can understand, the nature of God and our need for salvation. The processes by which God created the universe may or may not be something that men and women can understand. When one considers how little of the universe is even visible to us, we would have to make a lot of assumptions to claim we understand it.

Researchers have learned things about the physical world that that appear to be gibberish to common understanding.  I’m talking about things such as subatomic particles that exist in two places at the same time and the universe being made up of mostly dark matter that we can’t see or detect other than its gravitational pull. Something existing in two places at the same time? That doesn’t make sense.  It sounds like gibberish to say most of the universe is invisible, but they’ve demonstrated that as well. Reality is not what we think, and it’s certainly not what our senses tell us.

Researchers and our finest scientific minds have never come up with something that “proves” there is no God.  If anything, they’ve demonstrated we’re going in the wrong direction if our goal is to confirm that our understanding of reality in this universe reveals that the idea of God is hard to believable.  But there are some people who work very hard to try to convince us that science has eliminated God.  Let me restate this.  As top scientists find things that go against our common sense, they find that making sense of God’s creation isn’t as simple as we’d like it to be.  Fallacious arguments such as the “celestial teapot” lose their bite when used to say the idea of God is false because it seems absurd. In fact, Bertrand Russell who devised the argument was intentionally being absurd to demonstrate that the burden of proof lies with the person making a claim, not to “prove” there is no God.  How something seems or feels does not tell us anything about its reality.  As science advances, the  arguments of those calling the concept of God absurd recedes, and the idea that science has eliminated God is revealed as little more than anti-theist faith.

I believe God created the universe, and us, and loves us enough to offer His son’s blood to cover our shortcomings.

What do you believe?



Gospel musician with missing fingers adopts son who has same birth defect

Special to Texas Gospel Canada from Daywind Records

Our God is an amazing God. He shows Himself in some of the most unlikely ways. Barry Abernathy of Appalachian Road Show was born with only a thumb and partial index finger on his left hand. He adapted and has a unique three finger style of playing the banjo.

He and his family recently adopted siblings, Tyler and Zoey. Barry’s daughter, Chassady, encountered the children through their daycare. They had been removed from an unsafe home and put in the foster care system. Chassady noted when she saw 4 year old, Tyler, that he had the exact same birth defect as her father.

Barry decided to stop by the daycare as he drove through Nashville, feeling that God was leading him to do so. Tyler looked at him and said, “You’re my dad!” The Abernathys didn’t wrestle with God very long. They quickly decided, Tyler was right. This amazing story was shared on NBC’s, Today. over the weekend! What a beautiful story and a beautiful family! Be sure to read the full story for yourself! Here’s Barry Abernathy and the rest of Appalachian Road Show with “Tribulations.”


Original Hinson member dies

Southern Gospel fans are mourning the death of original Hinsons’ member, Larry Hinson. Mr. Hinson passed away Wednesday April 22.

The Hinsons are a Southern Gospel family group that captivated Southern Gospel fans for decades. They started out in Freedom, CA, in the late 1960’s. The sibling group consisted of Ronny, Yvonne, Kenny and Larry.

Between his two tenures with the group, collectively, he was with the group 17 years.

Who is responsible for the suffering?

When one considers today’s headlines about coronavirus and its potential to kill, it’s easy for anyone to ask, “Why is there so much suffering?” It’s a question that has been asked since the Old Testament.  But on whom does responsibility for suffering rest?  What does the Bible say about our corrupt world?  Do we have any choice in the matter when it comes to suffering?

Consider Job and how he responded after losing all his wealth and children. He took his concern to God and asked for understanding. And with that understanding came peace.  Job’s suffering was not because of something he did.  His suffering was caused by the sins of Satan. Doesn’t this teach us that suffering is the result of sin, and those who suffer are not necessarily the sinner who causes the suffering?

God created a perfect world, but man’s sin opened that world to corruption.  Viruses, tornadoes, floods cause suffering.  To be clear, they are the result of the corruption of what was once a perfect world.  We suffer from sin that corrupted the world in the past, and present-day sin that continues to corrupt God’s creation. While the Bible doesn’t tell us in scientific language how the world physically changed, it does tell us the corruption of God’s creation sprouts from man.  It also tells us that we can choose to remain blinded to the cause of corruption and wallow in the suffering, or we can ask that God would open our eyes to His will for us.  We may also ask for the strength we need while surrounded by corruption.

God gives everyone the choice. Which one do you choose?



Can you disagree with someone who quotes scripture to ‘prove’ their point?

Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay

There are a lot of people today who claim they want to tell you what God’s word means. They quote scripture verbatim, then go on to explain its meaning. But does including a scripture mean they are presenting God’s message? Are you disagreeing with God if you question someone who claims a specific passage is the source of their belief? I’m not nick-picking when I say there is a very big difference between telling someone God’s Word and telling someone what you say God’s word means.

Consider that Galatians tells us that even if an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one the apostles preached, let them be under God’s curse! The irony here is that there are people who use this scriptural warning about those who add to God’s Word, to get others to follow the things they’ve added. What I mean is, if someone reads a scripture and says this is God’s Word, they have spoken well.  But if they follow the scripture they just quoted with phrases like, “And what that means is…” they are no longer speaking God’s Word but giving you their interpretation of God’s Word. Shouldn’t we be wary of anyone who claims that if you disagree with them, you’re disagreeing with God if they have said anything in addition to what’s written in the Bible?

Disagreeing with what someone says about the scripture is not the same as disagreeing with scripture. Too many times people, even preachers, claim that if you have a problem with what they are saying you’re disagreement is with God when they’ve added to what God actually said. If someone claims that they alone, or their congregation alone, is the only one following God’s Word, would you know how to tell the difference?

What are your thoughts?

Mid-April Southern Gospel Chart

71u8HZD+ydL._SY355_Jaquita, Logan and Amber, known as 11th Hour, have this month’s #1 spot on Texas Gospel Canada’s top 20 with the title cut from their latest project, “A Lot with a Little.”

The group has been traveling and singing together for over a decade and are is stranger to the number one spot on the Gospel music chart, but this is a first for one of its members.  It’s the first number one song for 11th Hour since Logan Smith signed on.

Here is the Mid-April Texas Gospel Canada Top 20:

1 A lot with a little 11th Hour
2 Go ask Moses Mark Trammell Quartet
3 Can I get a witness The Sound
4 It never gets old Perrys
5 Days like this The Martins
6 If God pulled back the curtain The Nelons
7 I believe the book Legacy Five
8 The God I serve Karen Peck & New River
9 When I turn to you Jason Crabb
10 Glorious God Lauren Talley
11 Hallelujah March Heart 2 Heart
12 Blank Page Dunaways
13 Come to the well Kingdom Heirs
14 Sometimes it’s the radio Joseph Habedank
15 The Healer hasn’t lost His touch Tribute Quartet
16 When God says wait The Browders
17 Name above all names Guardians
18 I’ve ever been glad Kingsmen
19 Walking through the fire Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
20 Preacher’s Daughter Pardoned