Hackers target Texas Gospel server

David Ingram

Texas Gospel Canada’s main server fell victim to a hacker attack Friday morning.

We are working to restore our station, but it will require us to change our URL. We are a volunteer-run and volunteer-funded station and have no way to pay ransom ware. Because of this, we have to abandon many hours of work spent in the creation our programming & schedule; meaning, all of the stuff done in the background to make our station go.

Updates will be posted below:

8 a.m. Tuesday: Our engineer is still working out issues with Texas Gospel 2 Country Gospel. The stream is up, but some of the programming is not yet available due to an issue caused by the hacking incident. We hope to have this fixed soon.

3 p.m. Sunday update: Our engineer expects Texas Gospel 2 Country Gospel to be up and running by or before Monday.

3 p.m. Saturday update: We have a new server as of today for Texas Gospel 1 Southern Gospel. You can listen online by clicking HERE. Some of our announcers cannot host a live show, but we hope to solve this issue soon.

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