Is your witness limited to Facebook?

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Floyd Rogers

God’s Word tells us to go into all nations and preach the Gospel. I’ve worked in Christian Broadcasting for decades, and I’ve met a lot of people who say radio and television fulfills that charge because it broadcasts God’s Word throughout the world. But does it really?

Consider, sometimes a whisper is more effective than a shout to get someone’s attention; that is, for them to both hear and understand.  I’m sure at some point you’ve had someone grab your attention with a shout even though you had no idea what they said. The shout had their attention, not the message. In the same fashion, I often wonder if people who listen to Christian radio have their attention on the friendly voice coming through their speakers and the upbeat song with little regard for what the singer is saying. The same can be said of Social media. Do people really read debates between Christians and Atheists to seek truth, or is their attention focused on which side will crush the other?

I think it’s possible we’re told to go into the nations and preach the Gospel because one-on-one sharing of God’s word eliminates the distraction other modes present. There’s no worrying about what some third party may think of our presentation, no entertainment drawing our thoughts away from what is being said, and just like a whisper, no loud attention getter distracting from the message.

Do you witness only online behind a keyboard, or do you go out and preach the Gospel?

What are your thoughts?

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