Jordan Family Band suspending travel amid state of the economy


The Jordan Family Band has announced that it is suspending all traveling for the foreseeable future. They say this isn’t a hasty decision; rather, it is one that has been thought out and prayed over.

The group says that is a necessary move because of the current state of the economy and cost of living. They add that they have been dipping into personal savings to cover costs with keeping the group on the road touring. But don’t think they are going away.

“The decision to suspend travel right now with the band has been heartbreaking to say the least. I definitely feel there’s an empty space inside me, but also know it’s God’s perfect will for our lives right now,” said Randa Jordan.

“We’re seeking the Lord. We’re going to do some social media, videos, and music videos, and we’re going to reach as many as we can through that platform, and we’re going to continue to make music,” she said.

The Jordan Family Band is working on new music to be released in the upcoming months.

Listen for the group’s latest release I Wanna Go on Texas Gospel Canada

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