Christian station still reaching listeners in Russia

David Ingram

A Christian radio station continues to transmit the Gospel to Russian listeners even though extreme restrictions placed on the media and devastation caused by the invasion of Ukraine have forced it to move its studio more than once.

New Life Radio began broadcasting in 1996 from Magadan, Russia on 102.5 FM. It moved to Odessa, Ukraine in 2019 after Russia began imposing federal laws on religion and the press. It now broadcasts as a satellite station as well as via the Internet. It has continued operation non-stop even though It has had to move at least two more times for safety after Russian bombs began falling on residential and business areas in Ukraine.

“Friends of New Life Radio…please pray for our radio staff. We will continue broadcasting as long as the Lord allows, and pray that our studio building will be spared,” said station founder Daniel Johnson in a comment made on the station’s Facebook page.

Texas Gospel Canada is thankful to the staff of New Life Radio for its continued operation under extreme conditions. Please pray that God’s will be done through their continued work.

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