Happenings in Southern Gospel this week 1/8/2022


The Amundruds are set to preform February 27 in Spruce Grove, AB for Singin’ The Gospel at Spruce Grove Alliance Church, 250 Century Road, Spruce Grove, Canada.

Aaron Allen of the Southern Plainsmen Quartet has died at 31. Funeral arrangements are pending.

This week the Down East boys released the new single Your Sins are Forgiven.

The Kramers welcomed a new family member this week!  Elizabeth’s little brother, Bennet Jameson Wolfe was born to Ben and Maria.

Amber Saunders of 11th Hour celebrated a birthday this week

A fundraiser for Ben Rogers brought in more than $50,000.  The event featured The LeFevre Quartet and Endless Highway. Ben is a child who was involved in a tragic accident.

Greater Vision officially kicked off its first tour of 2022 this week.

The Hoppers promise a big announcement on January 13.  We’ll be watching!

Isaac Moore, tenor with The Inspirations, celebrated a birthday this week. Isaac has been singing with the group since Archie came off the road to spend more time at home.

The Jordan Family Band canceled several shows this week due to a few of the band members taking ill.

Karen Peck and New River this week sent out congratulations to Preslee and Matthew on the birth of baby Isa Grace.

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