Pastor Robb Tripp, son of LaVerne & Edith Trip, dies at 57

Janet Johnson

Robb Tripp, pastor of the Fireplace Fellowship Church in Hendersonville, Tennessee, passed away the afternoon of December 7, 2021.  He was the son of LaVerne & Edith Trip and well-known among Southern Gospel artists.

A post by the family on the church’s Facebook page says, “Robb will truly be missed but we will continue the work he has been faithful to do these last 18 years!”

A home going Celebration of Life Service is set for Friday, December 10. A livestream will be provided.

Pastor Robb Tripp was 57.

4 thoughts on “Pastor Robb Tripp, son of LaVerne & Edith Trip, dies at 57

  1. I truly loved this family! I’ve watched them for years on tv and have actually met Laverne and Edith! So saddened to hear of Robbie’s and now beautiful Edith’s passing!


  2. I loved watching & hearing all of the Tripp family sing! I had the privilege of meeting the Tripp family years ago in Artesia New Mexico. They were such a blessing!! So sad of the news of Edith & Robb’s passing! May God’s Amazing Grace be with the family!


  3. i am still saddened to hear of robb tripp,s passing – i love this family so much -have known them and been friends for many years- to know them is to love them-so sorry i could not be there for the service–i was in a hospital in north carolina with a broken hip and was not released until christmas eve– love and prayers jan mcmanus


  4. I was a new (Born-Again) Christian of 3 years—then, in High School, age 16—when LaVerne Tripp & Family came to Lancaster CA in 1981. I had watched the show “Sonshine” on TBN which featured the entire family, who sung and shared the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    I was star-struck when I saw (and met) the Tripp family who all literally Glowed with the Love of Jesus. LaVerne, who towered over me, gave me a loving hug at the end of the church program. I loved how LaVerne would look into Edith’s eyes at the beginning of the song “We’ve Got the Power” (still one of my favorite songs, and still fills my heart with Unspeakable Empowerment”.

    I also loved when Robbie sung “Better Than New”. I am now a disabled U.S. Army War Veteran (Special Ops), working for the federal government, and just completed my MBA in Quantitative Analysis at age 55–top of my class. I’m not the same young teen I was when I met the Tripp family “41 years” ago, but I still remember that night like it was yesterday.

    All that said, I am both Very Shocked & Saddened by the passing of both Robbie and Edith. I lost many relatives over the years, and lost both my Daddy & Father-in-Law back-to-back in 2016. Loss is NEVER easy, and I share in the loss of Robbie & Edith. I know I will see them again, and also LaVerne & youngest son Terry (who was just age 10 when I first met him).

    My prayers for LaVerne, Terry and the extended surviving family members ✝️


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