James Easter taken to ICU with COVID-19

David Ingram

James Easter of the Easter Brothers has been admitted to the ICU as he battles COVID-19 according to a statement released Tuesday by Daywind Records.

James is the father of Jeff Easter of Jeff and Sheri Easter. A post on their facebook page says, “Yesterday, they admitted our daddy, James, to the hospital because he tested positive for Covid. This morning, they are moving him to ICU so that he can get the best possible care. Through the years, we’ve witnessed thousands of benefits from collective prayer and we are asking this morning that you would join us in praying for him, for his healing, for his nurses’/doctors’ wisdom, for peace and strength. —Jeff and family”

An update from Jeff and Sheri says James’ wife Denise has also tested positive for COVID-19.

No other information has been released. Texas Gospel Canada will update this story as we learn more.

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