Daystar Network founder Marcus Lamb passes away

Aaron Kingston

Marcus Lamb, president and founder of Daystar Television, has died according to a statement released by the network Tuesday morning. The network is based in the US and carries faith-based programming.

A post on the Daystar webpage says, “It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Marcus D. Lamb, Founder, President, and CEO of Daystar Television Network, went home to be with his Heavenly Father this morning. He leaves behind a legacy of fiercely loving the Lord, all the people of the world, and most of all his family.”

Ernie Haase, of Earnie Haase & Signature Sound, was often a guest on The Daystar Television Network. He released a statement late Tuesday evening concerning the passing of Mr. Lamb

“Marcus was a lover of music. He never forgot his upbringing and the importance of Gospel music in his life. I am very thankful that Marcus allowed us to share his platform, allowing us to know him and his sweet tender heart for the Savior. As sad as this moment is, we are assured that Marcus is in Heaven now, because of his faith in Jesus. We mourn with Joni and the entire family, along with all those who loved the ministry of Marcus Lamb. Our hearts are with you and we will hold you in prayer as you navigate the days ahead.”

Earnie Haase

Funeral arrangements are pending.

We will update this page as new information is received.

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