A note from Ivan Parker

Dear Friends,

If this past year has taught us anything it has taught us to be thankful. I am thankful that we once again are able to gather together in a spirit of Praise and Thanksgiving for all God has blessed us with and brought us through. I am thankful that He healed my wife and restored her health from her heart attack. I am thankful for the new grandson we were blessed with and the joy he brings. I am thankful that He protected my family as the world battled COVID. And I am thankful that God will deliver me from the trial I currently face.

Earlier this month, I was diagnosed with metastatic squamous cell carcinoma. Simply put, I have a skin cancer spot on the back of my tongue and lymph nodes that must be removed.

From the first meeting with my doctors, I have felt the peace that passes understanding and that everything would be okay and my doctors have confirmed the same. What the devil meant to hide, the Lord has revealed and the doctors have every confidence that after surgery I will make a complete recovery.

I ask for your prayers and support as I prepare for surgery on August 24. All my concert dates up until that date are good.

While my heart’s desire is to be with you and of course singing for the Lord, I know with complete confidence I will return to touring in a couple of months after this surgery. I will be moving dates around and knowing I have your support with this and your love and prayers will be more than enough to see us through. My Facebook page will be the information center for any details and well wishes. That is where I will get my hugs from you daily. I look forward to once again singing and praising God for the power of this testimony for His Son, who is glorified by all.

Until the Midnight Cry,

5 thoughts on “A note from Ivan Parker

  1. I am wondering how Ivan Parker is doing, as I think all of us have had a share of cancer and right now , my husband has bladder cancer.
    I so enjoy all the Gaithersburg times that you were on the program, my prayers are for you to have a compete healing and all the best for your family. Mary Boersma
    Canada. mgboersma@hotmail.com


  2. Hi Ivan, my prayers r with u that God in His infinite mercy will bring complete healing 2 u, in Jesus’ mighty name,Amen!


  3. Wish you would posted address We who love you could send check to support your family as we do not use computer that well to contribute on line


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