Armed robber enters Nelon-Kistler’s condo


What was to be a quick two-night anniversary celebration in Panama City Beach, Florida, turned into a very frightening situation for Amber Nelon Kistler and husband, Nathan. An 18 year old man who is reported to be on drugs entered the couple’s 14th floor condo.

“He was staying with a family next door. He stole the brother’s gun. Jumped over, yes, jumped over to this balcony, ” Kistler said as she described the crime.

“We’re one of four victims. We are one of four rooms that he robbed. We are thankful that the Lord protected us, because he was in here. “

The armed robber was kept out of the couple’s bedroom only because they lock the door as a precaution. 

We are glad no one was injured. 

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