New addition for The Collingsworth Family!


For Michael and Courtney Metz of The Collingsworth Family, it has been quite a journey to adopt their son. Michael and Courtney were overseas for nearly a month as the process was completed.

Theo is at home now and is said to be adjusting to life in his new home well. Our prayers for Michael, Courtney and Theo!

Theo is grandchild number 4 for Phil and Kim Collingsworth. I know they are excited! Here’s the latest single from The Collingsworth Family….”It Runs In The Family!”

2 thoughts on “New addition for The Collingsworth Family!

  1. Congratulation’s to Michael & Courtney in the adoption of Theo !!! God is so good .. My thoughts and payers continue for them as they raise the son that God gave them. There must be a lot of excitement in their home as well as joy and thanksgiving . May HIS blessing continue with you…


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