New music tonight from Zane and Donna King, The Wisecarvers and The Talleys

William Desjardins – Music Reporter

Some of your favorite Southern Gospel artists preparing for a new year have music debuting tonight on Texas Gospel Canada. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the new songs have a message for people facing challenges.

Zane and Donna King have a song that wraps up 2020 in two words: Hard Times.  The song is bright and up-tempo despite what you might expect from the title. Ernie Haase of StowTown Records says the lyrics are a needed encouragement to persevere through today’s troubles.

The Wisecarvers have released Potter’s Wheel. It’s found on the Silhouette project. This is another song perfect for a year like 2020. It speaks of the inner struggle we all face at times.

We asked Dustin Wisecarver to tell us about the lyrics. Here’s his response:

“Oftentimes not only do we go through bad things, but they can seem to come back to back to back and so on. Through our travels we have heard stories where some folks feel their whole life has been a valley. We’ve met those who have grown up in abusive situations or where it seems like life dealt them the worse possible hand. We ourselves have gone through things where it seemed once you crossed one hurdle, you’re facing another! Bitterness, heartache, and just plain anger take such a toll it can put you in a state of numbness. But I thought one day about how we are made from dust. Dust particles are so very tiny and only God knows how many it takes to make a human. People talk about their hearts being broken into a million pieces. If man can be formed from millions of tiny dust particles, why can’t our master Potter take all of those pieces and put our hearts back together! Step up on the wheel, He can fix anything!”

Dustin Wisecarver

The Talleys have a somber message about helping those in need. Can people see Jesus in you by your actions? The Talleys’ new song Looks like Jesus to Me is now in rotation.

Listen for these songs along with some of your long-time favorites this week on Texas Gospel Canada.

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