The Steeles release first song from upcoming CD

The Steeles imageThe artwork for The Steeles new CD has not yet been created, but they have already sent Texas Gospel Canada a cut for airplay. “A Song To Remind You” debuted this evening as The Steele’s first release of 2020.

God has great plans for each of us in 2020, though our faith may be tested through trials and hardships. Some people begin the year still walking through difficulties that began last year or even years ago. Others will encounter new challenges this year.

“A Song To Remind You” is just what the title says, an upbeat, positive tune that reminds us Jesus will keep us from walking through any adversity on our own.

Just as we need to start the year with the knowledge that He has already accepted us, we also need to begin the year shored up with an awareness that Christ will be actively present in our lives, no matter what happens.

Listen for “A Song to Remind You” on Texas Gospel Canada.

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