Does this sound like an anti-theist to you?

einstein quote

A well-known scientist, one often claimed by atheists as one of their own, had some scolding words for those who try to frame his work as anti-religious.

“There are the fanatical atheists,” he said, “…whose intolerance is of the same kind as the intolerance of the religious fanatics and comes from the same source.”

Albert Einstein spoke these words in an address delivered in 1941.

Einstein understood something that is misunderstood at best, ignored at worst, by those who promote the idea that one has to choose between God or Science: Understanding how the universe works tells us nothing about whether or not it was designed.

Oxford Professor John Lennox often notes that many of the founders of modern day science including Nicolaus Copernicus (a monk), Johannes Kepler, Galileo, Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle and others; all believed in God; and because of their belief, they strove to understand His creation.  

The question one should ask when confronted with the call of God isn’t, “Should I choose God or Science.”  That question presents a false dilemma.  The real question is, “will you receive His offer of eternal fellowship with Him.”

(Ref: Einstein to an unidentified addressee dated 7th August 1941. Einstein archive reel 54-927; Jammer p.97.)

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