There is no evidence of God.  Why should I believe He exists?


I had a Facebook discussion with a woman who said she believes there is no God.  Her reason: Lack of evidence.  She said thinking people only believe that which can be proven. Are the premises on which her belief is based sound, or is she describing an alternate faith?

I disagree that most things are accepted as true because of proof. People couldn’t function in daily life if this were true.  For example: I believe the bridge near my house is strong enough to support the weight of my car without collapsing, but I have never proven it.  I have past experience with the bridge and faith in those who built it on which to base my belief that the bridge will not fall.  Even my atheist and agnostic friends share this belief, and for the same reasons. Each individual has thousands of such beliefs that they have not proven. Not all beliefs are the result of proof.

Let’s talk briefly about evidence?  Do a Google search for The Kalam Argument or Fine Tuned Universe.  These are two of  many evidences of God.  They are not proof; but they remain evidence until proven true or false.  Too, there is evidence that is of importance only to individuals.  For example, some things can only be known a posteriori.  This is to say, something things must be experienced to know them. You can tell me a broken bone hurts, even teach me how the nervous system allows me to experience pain, but I will not KNOW the pain until I have a broken bone.  A posteriori evidence is rational for the individual’s personal beliefs, but not for that of others, and it is not the only type of evidence for God. This brief paragraph describes only a fraction of the evidence that He exists.

Belief in God, or belief there is no God, both are the result of faith.  The Bible tells us Christian faith is a gift from God. The Bible also tells us we should ask God if we lack wisdom. The Bible tells us we are drawn to God because His word is written on our heart.  If we willfully resist Him, the Bible tells us God will not force His gift on us.  He will allow us to be blinded, and this is our choice.

What are your thoughts?

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