Why God?


Do Christians proclaim what they WANT to believe, or what they actually believe?

This may seem like an odd question, but I’ve encountered it in various forms.  I suspect it comes from a presupposition that man manufactures God to his desire. That is, it assumes that God is just the manifestation man’s craving for there to be a higher power.

Well, it’s true the Bible says we should bring all of our cares and desires to God, but it doesn’t say we should demand them.  The Bible says when we share our feelings with God, we should include, “nevertheless not MY will be done, but God’s will.” Does this sound like a book telling us God is what we want Him to be?

Let’s talk about that desire for there to be a God.  Why do we have that desire? Well, the scripture tells us God’s law is written on our heart weather we recognize it or not, so it’s true that man wants to believe in God, we are designed to have this desire. It is what leads us to Him.

Desire is not evidence of God’s non-existence.  All men get hungry, but this is not evidence that food doesn’t exist.  It is evidence that God’s word is true; His law is written on our heart.  Why else would so many non-related civilizations come up with the idea of God?

What are your thoughts?


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