11th Hour releases “Letters To Heaven”music video


Arden, North Carolina (June 21, 2022) — Southern Gospel trio 11th Hour has released a music video for “Letters To Heaven,” the current single from their latest album, Anthem Of The Ages

The moving, emotional song tells of connecting with those we’ve lost.

‘Letters to Heaven’ came from the pen of three people (me, my husband, Garrett, and our buddy, Nathan Woodard) that were reminiscing about loved ones that have passed on,” says Amber Eppinette Saunders.

Garrett and I had our grandparents in mind at the time of writing the song but had no idea we’d end up losing a baby before recording it. It now has a brand new meaning to it. Just remember, the very one that your loved ones are in the presence of is the very one that’s holding you right now! We have hope, and we will see them again!”

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Logan Smith Signs with Main Street: Releases New Single


Nashville, TN (June 17th, 2022) – Stand-out vocalist Logan Smith is pleased to announce the release of a brand new single as part of a new partnership with Main Street Music & Entertainment.

Despite still being one of the younger artists in the genre, Logan Smith has a vast resume of experience within Southern Gospel music. Having recorded his first project at the age of ten, Logan was first introduced as part of the Gaither Homecoming Tour in 2008 and quickly gained popularity for his renditions of popular Goodman Family classics. From there, he went on to record six additional solo albums, and toured across America, Canada, as well as multiple Norwegian tours, all before the age of 20. Logan recently became known as part of the award-winning trio, 11th Hour, with whom he toured for several years and recorded two projects featuring several radio hits.

Now returning as a solo artist, Logan has set out to create a new platform all his own. His music is rooted in preserving the rich, traditional sound that Southern Gospel fans all know and love, while also adding his fresh, new interpretation. As part of the 65South record label, Logan looks forward to continuing to produce his unique blend of history and future, familiar and fresh.

“I am so excited about this new season with Main Street,” shares Logan Smith. “It’s been a decade since I’ve released an original song to radio, so I’m thrilled for everyone to hear ‘Living In You.’ Thank you to Q and Dani Phillips for taking a chance on me. I’m optimistic for the future and thankful to each and every one of you for following along on this journey. After 15 years in the industry, I feel like we’re just getting started!”

The first single released through this new partnership, ‘Living In You’, is available now on all streaming and digital platforms, in addition to playing on Southern Gospel radio stations across the country. The mid-tempo tune reminds listeners that the Christian life is more than attending church and living a good life, but true salvation is found only through the redemption offered through Christ.

The release of a full-length project is anticipated later this year.

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Jordan Family Band suspending travel amid state of the economy


The Jordan Family Band has announced that it is suspending all traveling for the foreseeable future. They say this isn’t a hasty decision; rather, it is one that has been thought out and prayed over.

The group says that is a necessary move because of the current state of the economy and cost of living. They add that they have been dipping into personal savings to cover costs with keeping the group on the road touring. But don’t think they are going away.

“The decision to suspend travel right now with the band has been heartbreaking to say the least. I definitely feel there’s an empty space inside me, but also know it’s God’s perfect will for our lives right now,” said Randa Jordan.

“We’re seeking the Lord. We’re going to do some social media, videos, and music videos, and we’re going to reach as many as we can through that platform, and we’re going to continue to make music,” she said.

The Jordan Family Band is working on new music to be released in the upcoming months.

Listen for the group’s latest release I Wanna Go on Texas Gospel Canada

Greater Vision in studio this week


Greater Vision has been in the studio this week working on orchestrations for a forthcoming project. It’s a Trey Ivey arrangement.

Little is known about the final project, but we know they got the brass section recorded earlier.

We’ll look forward to a new project down the road from Greater Vision.

Listen for the group’s latest release, “You Are My King,” on Texas Gospel Canada!

Retired Sergeant First Class takes bass position for Poet Voices


Nashville, TN (June 8th, 2022) – Poet Voices is pleased to announce the addition of KC Armstrong to the acclaimed quartet.

The retired Sergeant First Class will be stepping into the bass role and audiences are quickly falling in love with his powerful, room-filling vocals.  Not only does KC bring with him notable experience within Southern Gospel music, but he was also a member of the prestigious United States Air Force Singing Sergeants, and finished his military career with the United States Army Chorus.  This opportunity has afforded him numerous distinguishments throughout the years, including performing for Presidents Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump.  As part of these decorated groups, he was also honored to have performed for the funerals of Presidents Reagan, Ford, and Bush. 

Currently residing in Knoxville, TN, KC and his wife Chara have three children: Adaline, Brogan and Calvin, and a chocolate lab named Sophie.

Legendary songwriter Phil Cross first introduced Southern Gospel to Phil Cross & Poet Voices in the early 1990s. Considered progressive for its time, fans quickly fell in love with this group and its unique presentation of the Gospel, which yielded an array of honors and five chart-topping songs, including Song of the Year for ‘I Am Redeemed.’ Poet Voices continues to raise the bar in all aspects of its music and production, striving to provide a fresh and exciting concert experience each and every time.  Audiences can expect to hear a variety of hit songs from the quartet such as ‘Jesus Built A Bridge,’ and ‘One Holy Lamb,’ as well as songs from Cross’ pen made popular by other groups such as ‘Wedding Music,’ ‘When I Get Carried Away,’ and ‘Champion Of Love.’

Poet Voices’ most recent radio single, ‘Everybody’s Song,’ is currently climbing the national radio charts, as part of the latest album release Everybody Needs Jesus.

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