Taylor honored for contributions to SGM


The second member of the SGMA Hall of Fame Class of 2021 has been named. Marlin Taylor receives the honor.

Mr. Taylor is being honored for his contributions to the genre of southern gospel through his work in satellite radio. XM Radio began in September of 2001. One of the formats that people kept requesting was southern gospel. Mr. Taylor was instrumental in establishing XM’s southern gospel channel, Enlighten.

Mr. Taylor managed the channel and for many years traveled to concerts gathering interviews and other elements that would be enjoyed by listeners. XM Radio would later merge with competitor, Sirius Radio to create Sirius/XM Radio. Enlighten has continued to be a very popular channel on the subscription-based service.

On a side note, Mr. Taylor is considered to be the father of the Beautiful Music format, finding great success in programming instrumental music, first in Philadelphia in 1963, before programming it in other cities. His radio career spans more than 50 years.

Congratulations to Marlin Taylor, the second member of the SGMA Hall Of Fame Class of 2021!

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