Boston police seek man on video seen vandalizing Catholic churches


Boston police are looking for a man who’s wanted in connection with two incidents of vandalism at Catholic churches in Dorchester and South Boston.

Around 6:30 a.m. Monday an unknown substance was found on several doors at St. Teresa of Calcutta Church and St. John Paul II Catholic Academy in Dorchester. Two hours later officers were called to St. Augustine Church in South Boston where a similar substance was found on doors and a statue was toppled.

The Boston Police Department continues to review the facts and circumstances surrounding these incidents.

Texas Gospel Canada publishes reported acts of aggression against congregations in North America. An on-air weekly report is broadcast every Monday on our Southern Gospel stream.

Criminals trash Kentucky church building


Investigators with the Powell County, Kentucky sheriff’s office are investigating thousands of dollars in damage caused by criminals who ransacked a church building.

A sheriff’s office spokesperson said someone overturned pews, smashed holes in the walls and caused extensive damage to the South Fork Church of God building. The spokesperson described walking into the damaged sanctuary as, “devastating.” 

The vandal or vandals’ motive is not known.

Texas Gospel Canada publishes reported acts of aggression against congregations in North America. An on-air weekly report is broadcast every Monday on our Southern Gospel stream.

(Powell County Sheriff’s Office)

2021 Singing News Fan Awards top 10 nominees


First first round of voting in the 2021 Singing News Fan Awards is complete, and it has yielded the top 10 nominees in each category:

Favorite Artist
1. 11th Hour
2. Booth Brothers
3. Collingsworth Family
4. Jason Crabb
5. Brian Free & Assurance
6. Isaacs
7. Kingdom Heirs
8. Karen Peck & New River
9. The Sound
10. Triumphant Qt

Favorite Soloist
1. Mark Bishop
2. Michael Combs
3. Jason Crabb
4. Joseph Habedank
5. Mark Lowry
6. Gordon Mote
7. Ivan Parker
8. Guy Penrod
9. David Phelps
10. Lauren Talley

Favorite Quartet
1. Ball Brothers
2. Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
3. Gold City
4. Kingdom Heirs
5. Kingsmen
6. Legacy Five
7. The Old Paths
8. Mark Trammell Qt
9. Tribute Qt
10. Triumphant Qt

Favorite Duet
1. Blake & Jenna Bolerjack
2. Jim & Melissa Brady
3. Chronicle
4. Aaron & Amanda Crabb
5. Fosters
6. Josh & Ashley Franks
7. Zane & Donna King
8. Peyton Sisters
9. Runnels
10. Wilburn & Wilburn

Favorite Mixed Group
1. Collingsworth Family
2. Endless Highway
3. Erwins
4. Hoppers
5. Isaacs
6. Jordan Family Band
7. Mylon Hayes Family
8. Nelons
9. Karen Peck & New River
10. Perrys

Favorite Young Artist
1. Hope Bowling (Bowling Family)
2. Autumn Nelon Clark (Nelons)
3. Trevor Conkle (Mark Trammell Qt)
4. Katie Erwin (Erwins)
5. Kennedy Hayes (Mylon Hayes Family)
6. Alex Jordan (Jordan Family Band)
7. Levi Mills (The Sound)
8. Logan Smith (11th Hour)
9. Josh Townsend (Legacy Five)
10. Ethan Whisnant (Whisnants)

Favorite Trio
1. 11th Hour
2. Booth Brothers
3. Jeff & Sheri Easter
4. Brian Free & Assurance
5. Greater Vision
6. Martins
7. Debra Perry & Jaidyn’s Call
8. The Sound
9. Talleys
10. Whisnants

Favorite Tenor
1. Chris Allman (Greater Vision)
2. Michael Booth (Booth Brothers)
3. Brian Free (Brian Free & Assurance)
4. Ernie Haase (Ernie Haase & Signature Sound)
5. Chris Jenkins (Kingsmen)
6. Steve Ladd (The Old Paths)
7. Jerry Martin (Kingdom Heirs)
8. Jay Parrack (LeFevre Qt)
9. David Sutton (Triumphant Qt)
10. Archie Watkins (Inspirations)

Favorite Lead
1. Ronnie Booth (Booth Brothers)
2. Keith Erwin (Erwins)
3. Scott Fowler (Legacy Five)
4. Grant Gibson (Karen Peck & New River)
5. Rodney Griffin (Greater Vision)
6. Dean Hopper (Hoppers)
7. Clayton Inman (Triumphant Qt)
8. Arthur Rice (Kingdom Heirs)
9. Bill Shivers (Brian Free & Assurance)
10. Logan Smith (11th Hour)

Favorite Band
1. Jason Crabb
2. Jeff & Sheri Easter
3. Endless Highway
4. Gaither Vocal Band
5. Inspirations
6. Isaacs
7. Jordan Family Band
8. Kingdom Heirs
9. Primitives
10. The Sound

Favorite Baritone
1. Dustin Doyle (Ernie Haase & Signature Sound)
2. Jon Epley (Greater Vision)
3. Loren Harris (Kingdom Heirs)
4. Scotty Inman (Triumphant Qt)
5. Paul Lancaster (Booth Brothers)
6. Mike LeFevre (LeFevre Qt)
7. Daniel Riley (Gold City)
8. Mike Rogers (Brian Free & Assurance)
9. Josh Singletary (Tribute Qt)
10. Mark Trammell (Mark Trammell Qt)

Favorite Songwriter
1. Lee Black
2. Becky Isaacs Bowman
3. Gerald Crabb
4. Bill Gaither
5. Karen Peck Gooch
6. Rodney Griffin
7. Joseph Habedank
8. Scotty Inman
9. Dianne Wilkinson
10. Sonya Isaacs Yeary

Favorite Bass
1. Daniel Ashmore (The Old Paths)
2. Zac Barham (Down East Boys)
3. Pat Barker (Guardians)
4. Eric Bennett (Triumphant Qt)
5. Jeff Chapman (Kingdom Heirs)
6. Kody Erwin (Erwins)
7. Matt Fouch (Legacy Five)
8. Paul Harkey (Ernie Haase & Signature Sound)
9. Ray Dean Reese (Kingsmen)
10. Chris West (Gold City)

Favorite Album
1. Worship From Home (Collingsworth Family)
2. Faithful Still (Down East Boys)
3. The Journey (Greater Vision)
4. Brotherhood (Ernie Haase & Signature Sound/Booth Brothers)
5. Songs For The Times (Isaacs)
6. 40th Anniversary Reunion LIVE (Kingsmen)
7. Hope (LeFevre Qt)
8. Live Like No Other (McKameys)
9. What Love Does (The Old Paths)
10. Bigger Than Sunday (Triumphant Qt)

Favorite Soprano
1. Brooklyn Blair (Collingsworth Family)
2. Kelly Bowling (Bowling Family)
3. Melissa Brady (Jim & Melissa Brady)
4. Morgan Easter Smith (Jeff & Sheri Easter)
5. Katie Erwin (Erwins)
6. Karen Peck Gooch (Karen Peck & New River)
7. TaRanda Greene (Cana’s Voice)
8. Kim Hopper (Hoppers)
9. Amber Eppinette Saunders (11th Hour)
10. Lauren Talley (Talleys)

Favorite Song
1. Amazing Amounts Of Amazing Grace (Down East Boys)
2. You Are Loved (Jeff & Sheri Easter)
3. This Grace (Joseph Habedank)
4. Between The Prayer And The Answer (LeFevre Qt)
5. I Believe The Book (Legacy Five)
6. The God I Serve (Karen Peck & New River)
7. Never A Time (Perrys)
8. Can I Get A Witness (The Sound)
9. God Has Provided Himself A Lamb (Mark Trammell Qt)
10. Eye Of The Storm (Triumphant Qt)

Favorite Alto
1. Kelly Nelon Clark (Nelons)
2. Sheri Easter (Jeff & Sheri Easter)
3. Kari Gooch (Karen Peck & New River)
4. Wendy Hayes (Mylon Hayes Family)
5. Susan Peck Jackson (Karen Peck & New River)
6. Jaquita Lindsey (11th Hour)
7. Courtney Metz (Collingsworth Family)
8. Libbi Stuffle (Perrys)
9. Debra Talley (Talleys)
10. Susan Whisnant (Whisnants)

Favorite New Artist
1. Avenue
2. Bowling Sisters
3. Endless Highway
4. Vernon Greeson
5. Heart 2 Heart
6. Jordan Family Band
7. Soul’s Harbor
8. The Sound
9. Sunday Drive
10. Westward Road

Favorite Musician
1. Becky Isaacs Bowman (Isaacs)
2. Kim Collingsworth (Collingsworth Family)
3. Jared Easter (Jeff & Sheri Easter)
4. Matthew Gooch (Karen Peck & New River)
5. Jacob Mills (The Sound)
6. Gordon Mote (Soloist)
7. Josh Singletary (Tribute Qt)
8. Josh Townsend (Legacy Five)
9. Gerald Wolfe (Greater Vision)
10. Sonya Isaacs Yeary (Isaacs)

Congratulations to all of the nominees!  The second round of voting takes place with the ballot in the May issue of the magazine.  The final vote, later this year will set the winners, and the results will be announced at The National Quartet Convention in September.

New addition for The Collingsworth Family!


For Michael and Courtney Metz of The Collingsworth Family, it has been quite a journey to adopt their son. Michael and Courtney were overseas for nearly a month as the process was completed.

Theo is at home now and is said to be adjusting to life in his new home well. Our prayers for Michael, Courtney and Theo!

Theo is grandchild number 4 for Phil and Kim Collingsworth. I know they are excited! Here’s the latest single from The Collingsworth Family….”It Runs In The Family!”

Jacob Ellison joins Kingdom Heirs as New Tenor


The Kingdom Heirs are proud to introduce their new tenor, Mr. Jacob Ellison. He made his debut with the group on Friday, March 12, 2021 during Dollywood’s Season Passholder Preview Day. Jacob is 24 years old and is from Candler, NC. He is currently enrolled at Lee University and is scheduled to graduate in May. He has been a part of the university’s world renowned choral group The Voices of Lee, and has also traveled with the Edwards Family, Wes & Karyn Green and The Webb Family. 

“We are very excited to start our new season at Dollywood with Jacob. He is a very talented individual who loves the Lord,” states Kreis French. 

Jacob Ellison stated, “It is such an honor to be part of a group that has had as great of an impact on Southern Gospel music as the Kingdom Heirs. The kindness shown to me by the members of this group makes me feel so honored to do ministry with them.” 

The Kingdom Heirs are looking forward to starting their 36th year at Dollywood and hope to see many of you there.