The Perry’s announce changes


The Perrys announced Monday the addition of Scott Brand as lead singer and new baritone Austin Olvey.

Scott, a native of Lineville, Alabama, is a former member of Gold City and has toured with Ernie Dawson and Heirline.

“Libbi and I have been friends a long time and it’s a great honor to not only be apart of a 50 year old rich legacy but be on stage with one of the greatest voices that has ever stepped on a gospel stage! The future is very bright and I’m looking forward to what God has planned for me and for The Perrys,” said Scott.

Austin is from Chattagnooga, TN. He says he’s always dreamed of singing with a group like the Perrys since he was a child.

“The Bible says, if you delight yuorself in the Lord, He will give you the desires of your heart. He is faithful and has kept His promises,” said Austin.

The first date with the new members is August 6 in the US.

Miss Gospel concerts? Here’s one we found on the net


Up front we want to let you know this is not our video. This is a link to YouTube we just happen to find. It’s a 2014 concert with the Torchmen that took place before a crowd at the Southminster United Church in Niagara Falls.

According to the group’s website they have a concert set for July 11, 2021: Sunday Night Concert, 6:30 p.m. at Glenridge Bible Chapel, 310 Scott Street, St. Catharines, Ontario. No word of a cancellation as of this posting.

We hope you enjoy this classic performance.

Bates Family to record new album with the help of John Rowsey


The Bates Family has been singing Gospel Music since 1985. Now in its 36th year the group will record the vocals for its newest recording. Tim Bates and family are set to be in the studio Tuesday. The new recording comes fresh off the heals of “He Never Gave Up” which was released in January.

A post to the group’s Facebook page says, “So excited to be working with John Rowsey as he is producing our vocals the next couple of days. Pray that all goes well, and that we will work in the spirit of excellence. We’ll keep ya posted.”

The Bates Family has begun scheduling appearances in locations where local authorities allow gatherings.  The number to schedule a performance is 717-688-3287. The email address is