Mountain Home to release David Marshall’s Clearwaters to digital platforms


Arden, North Carolina (January 5, 2023) — Nearly 40 years ago, the legendary Marshall Family’s David Marshall issued a remarkable yet under-appreciated album on Mountain Home Music Company. Out of print for years, Clearwaters has been newly mastered and will be released for the first time as a digital-only album, available for purchase or streaming on all platforms. It’s now available for pre-save/add/order on those platforms ahead of its January 27 release.  

Recorded at the Horizon Music Group studios in Asheville, North Carolina for the then-fledgling label, Clearwaters knit together profound Christian conviction and a deeply personal creativity in a rare musical fabric. Best known for his work with his family’s bluegrass gospel group, which released three albums back in the 1970s that served as inspiration to artists like The Isaacs, Alison Krauss and Rhonda VincentMarshall was a distinctive, emotive singer, a deliciously individualistic banjo, mandolin and guitar player, and the composer of songs that not only suited the Marshall Family, but found favor with the likes of bluegrass Hall of Famers Ralph Stanley and Larry Sparks.  

Together with co-producer Tim Surrett, who would go on to help found the label’s flagship group, Balsam Range, he assembled a group of musicians that included returning members of the Family, studio wizards such as multi-instrumentalist David Johnson (who, like Surrett, had just finished recording with iconic guitarist Tony Rice), friends like J.P. Pennington of country chart topper Exile, and an assortment of bluegrass players and singers then just beginning their rise to prominence: six-time IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year, Dale Ann Bradley; ten-time IBMA Guitar Player of the Year Bryan Sutton; acclaimed singer and songwriter Steve Gulley; bassist Ben Isaacs (The Isaacs) and mandolinist Jeff Parker (Dailey & Vincent, Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers).  

The result is a collection that ranges from Marshall’s inspired rewrite of old-time favorite “Hammer and Nails” to the contemplative closing instrumental, “Daddy’s Darlin’ Dream,” offering hope, redemption and deeply personal reflections on God’s grace and the promise of eternal life. And while Clearwaters offers an intriguing glimpse into the early careers of some of bluegrass and bluegrass gospel’s most beloved artists, it also sounds as fresh and original as it did on its first release, enhancing a musical legacy that has yet to win the acclaim it deserves.  

Horizon & Sonlite Records announce collaborative trio Lauren, Amber & Kenna


Arden, North Carolina (December 7, 2022) — In a project rooted in one glorious moment of spontaneous music-making, Horizon & Sonlite Records artists Lauren Talley, known from her time with award-winning gospel group The Talleys and as a powerful soloist; Amber Eppinette Saunders, dynamic vocalist of 11th Hour, one of today’s leading Southern Gospel groups; and Kenna Turner West, a celebrated and award-winning songwriter and vocalist, are now bringing their personal talents and experiences together for a unique collaborative endeavor: Writing, recording and releasing music as a trio simply known as Lauren, Amber & Kenna.

The three — longtime friends and collaborators — were traveling when they shared a video on social media of themselves singing. When Horizon & Sonlite staff saw it, it sparked the idea for the trio.

“Who would have thought a Facebook video of three friends singing together in the car would have ended up here?!” says Lauren. “We’ve all been friends for a long time, we sing, we write, and now we’re putting it all together in a powerful way.”

“I am overjoyed to be working with two of my dearest friends,” says Amber. “We all have lived life full of testings, tragedies, and trials but we now have a testimony of how God has and is bringing us through. That is what this music will showcase, and I can’t wait for you all to hear our hearts through it.” 

Kenna adds, “I am so grateful to Crossroads for this opportunity. The three of us have been like family for years, and now to be able to sing together — it’s an absolute joy! We each come at this with unique gifts and unique platforms of ministry, and when it all comes together, what we have collectively is something very special.”

With a vocal blend comparable to great collaborations both within and beyond the world of Gospel music — from the legendary Trio of Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt to Sisters and Point of Grace — Lauren, Amber & Kenna have taken an expansive approach to their work, combining their individual and joint influences and interests to create music that ranges from Gospel to Worship, and CCM to Southern Gospel, yet always retaining both their distinctive individual voices and the common roots they share.  

Already, the three have begun recording new music with Roger Talley producing, and their first single, “Ever-Present, Almighty God,” (written by Amber, Kenna and Jason Cox) will be released in early 2023.

“It’s a joy to work with these three talented ladies,” says Roger. “They have an incredible energy and passion in their singing and writing that makes their songs truly come alive. I’m so excited about the music that’s coming soon!”

The Wisecarvers meditate on true meaning of Christmas in “Wrapped In Red”


Arden, North Carolina (December 2, 2022) — Rather than close the book on 2022 with the October release of their most recent single for Horizon Records“Stay Home,” The Wisecarvers are sharing one more song with listeners in “Wrapped In Red,” a grateful, graceful meditation on the true significance and celebration of Christ’s birth.   

Written and sung by Chase Wisecarver, with Kaila and Dustin Wisecarver adding warmly supportive harmonies over an arrangement led by producer Jeff Collins’ piano, “Wrapped In Red” offers a gentle yet insistent reminder of what truly counts in the holiday, summed up in the chorus’s simple, direct acknowledgement:

“He just wants my heart wrapped in red
The perfect shade of crimson
For the blood that He shed
Nothing I could offer Him would seem to be enough
But He said all He wants is my love
And this heart wrapped in red”

“It seems now Christmas has gotten so commercialized people often forget the true reason for the season,” notes Chase Wisecarver. “We give and receive gifts, have Christmas dinners, wonder what Santa will bring, and sometimes let all of that overshadow the most important thing — Christmas is the celebration of the birthday of Christ our King. I’ve wondered what we could give to our King for His birthday. There’s nothing greater we could give Him than our hearts wrapped in red with the blood He shed for us on Calvary.”

Listen for “Wrapped In Red” throughout the day on Texas Gospel

Gerald Wolf speaks about singing for small crowds


Sunday night was a little different for Greater Vision. Gerald Wolfe explained with a post on Facebook Sunday evening.

“Tonight, we sang to the smallest crowd we’ve had in probably twenty years. It was a real blessing to see how The Lord used the evening, and the songs, to minister to those who were there. Afterward, I was encouraged again the comments I heard in the hallway. Once again, like many times before, I was reminded… Ministry is not about the “number,” it’s about the individual… The one God puts you in front of, at the right time, to share the word, or the song, they need to hear, to let them know God hasn’t forgotten them, and He has a purpose for them… and for you… and for me.”

Kris Erwin to have surgery following accident


Be in prayer for Kris Erwin of The Erwins. Saturday night he was loading product in the bus when the bay door slammed shut on his left hand, wedging it between an equipment box and the door. Kris suffered four broken bones in his hand.

He is scheduled to undergo surgery this Thursday at 11:30 a.m. Central.

We definitely will be praying for a full recovery for Kris. This injury is especially tough as he plays piano, and that is currently in jeopardy.